Why Your N 400 Application Might Get Denied

Why Your N 400 Application Might Get Denied

The N 400 form provided by USCIS allows you to immigrate to the US through the neutralization process. The form contains several questions which you have to answer truthfully before submitting. After you are done submitting the M 400 form to the USCIS, they will thoroughly inspect your application, and will determine whether you are eligible to become a US citizen or not.

However, small mistakes made on the N 400 form can cause your application to get denied. Here are some of the reasons why your N 400 application might get turned down by USCIS.

Not Working on Your English

When you go to an interview with the USCIS following the submission of N 400 form, they will test you for English and civics.

So, make sure that you arrive at the interview well prepared to take the English and civics test. The USCIS will allow you to retake the parts of the test you fail in within 60 to 90 days in the second interview. However, feeling for the second time will cause your application to get denied.

Having a Criminal History

If you have a criminal history, you might get temporarily or permanently barred from obtaining the US citizenship. For example, crimes like murders and felonies can cause you to get permanently barred from becoming a US citizen. You can get attorney help with n-400 form if you have a criminal record.

You’re Required to Maintain Residence

You have to maintain residence in the US for a specific period of time. Going abroad for 6 or more months can make you unfit for this particular requirement.

Financial Side of Things

You’re also required to have good enough finances to support your dependents. If you’re unable to pay taxes, or support your family in the US, the application might get denied.

Any lies on the application can also get it denied.