In a drastic divergence from his usual rhetoric, today President Trump was overheard by Fox News the FB Page White House insider sources speaking about the gun crisis and the possibility of the suspension of the Second Amendment.

It was unclear if this suspension would be considered temporary or permanent. It is said that his decision is heavily influenced by his daughter Ivanka, who has been rumored to have been pushing for nationwide firearm confiscations. We have learned that she has been put in charge of drafting an executive order to handle the matter.

At a speech today:

“No one knew guns would be so hard. We are leaving all options on the table, and Ivanka will be drafting up an order to put on my desk which I will take a look at. Look at my daughter Ivanka. Have you seen her body? Greatest body. One of the classics. I know she’ll do a great job.

“You know, people said we couldn’t beat Hillary. You know, he put out a memo – “You cannot do it.” We cannot let anyone into this country illegally. And radical groups all over the world. Four times more immigration, and they should not under a Trump Administration, and we could not have done a better job. So I don’t know, you tell me folks.”

“So you know we have beautiful women and I get to meet all of these people, folks. It’s all coming in. We have losers. We have a disaster. People are totally illegal and he’s failed us badly. And Hillary’s emails. I was way ahead of everybody. So will we take away the guns? We’ll see. We love the guns. We’ll see. This proves there is absolutely no collusion with Russia.”

More as it develops.